Galapagos Islands Cruises

Guided - From 4 Days/3 Nights up to 15 Days/14 Nights

Multi Adventure Tour ex Baltra and San Cristobal reachable by air from Quito, Ecuador.

Join an exploration by comfortable small cruiser through the Galapagos Archipelago of 19 islands and surrounding marine reserve. The extreme isolation of these islands, some 1,000km off the South American continent, has contributed to the evolution of unusual animal life in addition to the cornucopia of marine species.
Your snorkelling and shore excursions with the onboard naturalist will allow you to view wildlife up close in their natural environment. You can sit freely with many species who are so familiar with human beings as well as marine life that will often accompany divers and snorkelers. Frigates, boobies, the yellow-crowned night herons, storm petrels and lava gulls are just some of the abundant birdlife that come here to nest and breed.   Your days will be spent snorkelling with sea turtles, rays, dolphins and colourful fish; visiting the Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre; kayaking beautiful bays; hiking a volcano for the energetic; nature hikes and walks on lava fields with lava tunnels up to 1km long; plus plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sea, sun and warm hospitality of the ship crew.

Your Journey 

Seaman Journey - Eastern Galapagos Island (Example Itinerary)

Day 1 (Fri): Baltra to North Seymour

Day 2 (Sat): El Barranco & Darwin Bay (Genovesa)

Day 3 (Sun): Plazas, Santa Cruz & Santa Fe

Day 4 (Mon): Cerro Colorado & Interpretation Center (San Cristobal)

Day 5 (Tue): Galapaguera Natural & Cerro Brujo (San Cristobal)

Day 6 (Wed): Gardner Bay & Punta Suarez (Espanola)

Day 7 (Thu): Cormorant Point & Post Office Bay (Floreana)

Day 8 (Fri): Charles Darwin Station (Santa Cruz)


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